Hack! The Tallest, Ugliest Homemade Full Suspension Bike Ever

Found on MakeZine, this crazy tall bike was built by Peter Wagner, here’s the why and how:

My current main ride, with dreamed-of front end made real. The whole machine is bolted together..no welds or cuts at all. The wheel base expands about a foot in a deeep bounce.

It is a bit heavier than with a plain fork as I first built it, but the added weight makes unintentional wheelies lower and recoverable… So I feel it’s worth it.

The front ‘fork’ frame is a 12″ kids ‘Next’ bike, but its rear triangle is from a full-size 26″ bike. A stem into a fork-less “head stem” is again bolted into the fender brace hole of the stock fork…. And the top front fork drop-outs receive the big triangle’s crank bolts…. She’s a sweeter ride yet!

On the rained-on cloddy alkalai playa of ’10 Burning Man, the ride on this was glassy smooth…..


John Diggers - 10/26/10 - 6:38am

That is an amazing piece of kit. Bravo to the creator!!

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