North American Exclusive: Giant Contact Switch dropper post

Despite having been little more than a fringe product only a couple of years back, the telescoping seatposts market is becoming suddenly very crowded.  Whether it’s the result of pent-up demand, a handful of true believers at bike companies, or just manufacturers looking at others’ posts and thinking we could do better than that, consumers will have no shortage of uppy-downy posts to choose from next season.

True to form, Giant have snuck in under the radar with an impressive-looking and high value offering in the shape of their Contact Switch seatpost.  Using an air spring and oil cartridge mechanism rather than a more common open bath, the Contact Switch drops anywhere from 1 to 100mm (4in) and comes in the increasingly standard 30.9mm diameter. Meeting a common dropper post claim head-on, Giant claim that their “anti twist technology keeps the saddle where you want it”- certainly a good thing.  Retail price is expected to be a very reasonable $225.  No weight information is available, but the posts claimed to have been spotted in the UK are apparently working prototypes- we should be seeing finalized posts in February.  More info when we have it!


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