O.H.B.S 2010: Co-Motion and Their 24.6 Pound Racing Tandem and Brand New 2011 City View

Co-Motion Aluminum Racing Tandem 24.6 Pounds

Since 1988 Co-Motion has been turning out quality handmade bicycles in Eugene, OR. Based on what we found at their booth this year, that tradition is alive and kicking.

Pictured above is a Sram Red equipped aluminum racing tandem coming in at a super light claimed weight of 24.6 pounds. It feels very odd lifting a tandem that is lighter than my daily commuter.

Beyond the break you will find more of this bicycle, a couple more trick tandems, and the all new City View.

Co-Motion Aluminum Racing Tandem Timing Belt Drive

Co-Motion replaced the timing chain with a belt drive. They claim it shaves about two pounds off the complete build.

Co-Motion Travel Tandem with S & S Couplers

Co-Motion had a travel ready tandem on display as well. It will break down and fit into two flight cases.

Co-Motion Travel Tandem with S & S Couplers Front Set

Co-Motion Travel Tandem with S & S Couplers Rear Set

Co-Motion Rohloff 14 Speed Belt Drive Tandem

Belt drives are becoming more and more prevalent. Co-Motion built up this tandem with a Rohloff internally geard 14 speed hub and Gates Carbon Drive belt system.

Co-Motion Rohloff 14 Speed Belt Drive Tandem Timing Belt

A belt was also used instead of a timing chain.

Co-Motion Rohloff 14 Speed Belt Drive Tandem Rear Belt Drive

The rear belt drives the Rohloff 14 speed hub. Up front you will find a 14 speed twist shifter at the bar end.

Co-Motion City View Bicycle

For those of you who don’t ride two per bike, you might be interested in the new for 2011 City View. Co-Motion has opted for a Shimano Alfine setup, instead of their usual Rohloff hub to keep the price down. The City View will run you $3595.00 for a complete build, or $1995.00 for the frameset. The City View comes in about $1600 less than its Rohloff equipped counterpart.

Co-Motion City View Bicycle Nitto Front Rack

There is an included Nitto front rack.

Co-Motion City View Bicycle Belt Drive

Surprise, there is a belt drive running that Alfine 8 speed hub. The forthcoming 11 speed Alfine hub will be an option starting in December, costing an extra $300.


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