No More Wobbly Signals: Innovative Bike Light / Rucksack Wins Design Award

This cute idea from Korean designer Lee Myung Su has just won a Red Dot design award. Reasoning that the vast majority of city cyclists would usually take a rucksack with them, Lee built bright LED lights into the back of a pack, which the cyclist can control from a wireless module on the handlebars.

Large green arrows signal left and right, and the ‘stop’ sign illuminates automatically when the bag’s sensors detect significant deceleration.

Click ‘more’ to see a nice little video and let’s hope it makes it past prototype stage: the safety and visibility benefits are obvious.


topmounter - 10/11/10 - 1:02pm

It needs to automatically display “HA HA!” when you are passing grid-locked cars :-)

Rich - 10/25/10 - 6:04am

Custom messages would be awesome 😉

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