Interbike 2010: New ‘Cross Ready Sidi Spider, Plus Lighter Buckles, New Colors and Lower Prices

After hearing consumer’s complaints about not having an all-Lorica-uppered shoe once they did away with the full leather Dominator, Sidi is bringing a black (above) version of their Spider SRS to market with a full Lorica upper.  Since there’s no mesh to let cold water and air in, it’s perfect for cyclocross or cooler mountain bike rides. It’ll retail for $329.

Also new for 2011 in the U.S. is the white color in the Spider SRS Lorica/Mesh. It’s also $329 (down from $349, shown above).

On all of their shoes, they’ve designed a new, lighter weight buckle plate and stitch that’ll ship on all 2011 models. Photos of that and some new colors and patterns for other models after the break…along with their new lower prices on several popular shoes…

The white shoe at top shows Sidi’s new buckle plate and buckle. It’s drilled out and a little slimmer than the older version shown on the black shoe.

On the crank side, the stitching around the foot strap changes, stitching the strap holder directly into the upper (white, bottom) rather than stitching on a larger separate plastic piece like the older models (black, top).

New colors for the Dragon 2 Carbon SRS, and the price drops from $449 to $399.

New Women’s Dominator 5 color: Silver Snakeskin

New colors for 2011:

BACK ROW: L to R: Genius 5 White Vernici (Women’s and Men’s)

FRONT ROW: L to R: Ergo 2′ Ergo 2, Genius 6.6


jc - 10/01/10 - 1:16pm

Caaahna you geevita leetle more blingah? Bella!

Marc - 10/01/10 - 6:36pm

Dang. Do the ladies’ silver snakeskin Dominators come in a 44?

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