Interbike 2010: Lots of light from Exposure

Though uncommon Stateside, Exposure are a dominant player in the UK bicycle lighting market.   We had a talk with their US distributor Ibex Sports at Interbike last week and found a lot to be excited about.  Look for a full hands-on rundown later this fall.  Until then, here are a couple of, erm, highlights:

Is it possible to have too much light?  Though we’ve been saying for a couple of years that the lumen wars have provided all of us with more than enough light for riding in the dark, it’s still hard to resist 1,800 lumen from a self-contained Pepsi can-sized light.  I couldn’t help but giggle when putting a noticeable spot on the Sands Convention Center’s well-lit ceiling over 50 up.  The Exposure Six Pack’s 3 hour runtime at 1,800 lumen means no need to moderate output for most rides, and the 10 hour runtime on medium (~600 lumen) will make 24-hour racers happy.  For those who get really lost, the Six Pack runs 24 hours on low.  It’s CNC machined by USE in the UK, and is self-contained (no wires).  Not bad at all for $500.  More lights after the jump…

My inner commuter was pretty fired up by the 75 lumen Flare tail light.  The revised mount is a huge improvement over last year’s Red Eye, as is the fact that it now flashes.  For 25 hours.  At $50, the Flare uses disposable camera batteries, but rechargeable battery kits are available from Exposure/Ibex.

We’ll do an in-depth review of the entire range (shown above) later this fall, but in short, all of the company’s lights see improved run times and get USB-compatible chargers.  The consumer direct prices are excellent and external batteries are also available.  The Toro Mk.2 and Race Mk.5 ($350/900 lumen and $275/600 lumen) will be more than enough for most riders and the revised Diablo and Joystick helmet lights- some of the most compact we’ve seen- see bumps to 900 and 300 lumen.  All of Exposure’s bar lights share the same nicely machined mount, shown below…


RED - 10/10/10 - 6:29am

IBEX seems to have bumped some prices… Flare/Flash were supposed to be $50, now $70. The Flare/Flash/Recharge kit was supposed to be $99 (according to their own site!) but is now $149. Which sort of puts me off…

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