Interbike 2010: Light but strong ‘cross wheels from HED

Though most famous for their aerodynamic carbon fiber wheels, HED also make a solid line of alloy-rimmed wheels as well.  I’ve been beating their ~1400g Ardennes clinchers mercilessly on my daily commute and on dirt roads for the past two years without a complaint.  New for 2011, HED are offering the $850 Ardennes LT and $750 Ardennes CL wheelsets with tubular rims.  Perfect for cyclocross, tubular Ardennes wheels have wider than normal rims and shallow center channels to better support the tire.  Given the clinchers’ weight, they should be some of the lighter wheels available for the price.  Unfortunately for ‘crossers, the tubular versions won’t be shipping until December.


[…] in at 1400 grams. The wheels would be comparable (and seem to be Velocity’s answer to) the HED Ardennes, which have become popular for both ‘cross and […]

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