Slick, Lightweight Adjustable Headset Spacer from Trid Design

Morgan from SRAM introduced me to Tomo, the inventor of this (patented) little adjustable headset spacer that’s super cool. From then on, it seemed like half the people I talked to had seen or heard of it…Tomo was definitely making the rounds.

The Trid Design adjustable spacer uses a simple series of stepped notches to give you a range of 10mm / 11mm / 12mm / 13mm / 15mm spacer heights, all from one spacer. It weighs in at only 7g, and it holds it’s height thanks to small pegs and holes on each step.

More pics after the break…


bk - 09/28/10 - 11:13am

The only thing that will shortly be better than this is the future of 1×11 gearing. Think about it.

Great job Tomo!

ohioguy - 09/28/10 - 10:23pm

This is like a LEGO for your bike, sweet.
whats next?

Antonis - 01/27/13 - 7:54pm

How can anyone buy in of these?

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