Interbike 2010: More Shiny Pumps from Lezyne

lezyne-travel-floor-driveLike Crank Brothers, relative newcomers Lezyne have done a very good job at making otherwise unexciting products sexy.  From their product design to packaging to marketing, it all works together to make us want… flat pumps.

The company’s new Travel Floor Drive pump is a compact pump designed for travel use.  Though Lezyne envision it being packed in a flight case, in an age of strict airline weight limits, we could see most spending their lives in the back of riders’ cars.  The Travel Floor Drive lays flat and features Lezyne’s trademark threaded connector and comes in a felt-lined case.  Yours for $100.  More from Lezyne after the break…

lezyne-alloy-dirt-floor-drive-pumpAlso from Lezyne are a $40 11 speed chain tool and this massive floor pump.  Designed to readily seat tubeless mountain bike tires, everything about the CNC, Alloy (shown), and Classic Dirt Floor Drive pumps is big.  The barrel, hose, and fittings are all oversized in order to remove obstructions to flow and the oversized gauge reads only up to 70psi, making the difference between 23 and 27psi easier to discern.  $110, $85, and $75 respectively.


Cor - 09/23/10 - 11:56pm

Wow, I really want a…. pump?

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