“See Me” Visual Text Messages Alert Texting Drivers

If you’re worried about distracted drivers, particularly when pulling your kid or otter precious cargo, SEE ME has your solution. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your proclivity for cursing), you can’t customize the message without a bulk order. $129 for the kit, which flashes “See Me” and includes a waterproof pouch and mounting straps. Batteries should last for years even with daily use, and it has plain white LED lights that can be turned on separately as a utility light for repairs after dark.


zombinate - 09/22/10 - 4:12pm

Please companies, if you are going to price a product at $130 dollars, make it better than 6 standard blinky lights. Also, just because you patented your product in 2004 doesn’t mean you are stuck with a website that hasn’t been updated since then.

8pmhangover - 09/23/10 - 3:51pm

I could build something better than this for a third the cost with off the shelf parts from SparkFun.

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