Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Seriously?


This kid’s got the advantage: Aero helmet, Shimano Di2 Dura Ace and Lightweights on a 650c. Photo sent in by KirkLee Bicycles.

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Paul in Virginia - 09/15/10 - 9:29am

“I won’t be satisfied with anything less than a win today.”

LastBoyScout - 09/15/10 - 9:31am

Hope she doesn’t fail rollout.

Fg4 - 09/15/10 - 10:04am

poor kid…dad must be a real ass. Money cant buy sense….

PaulC - 09/15/10 - 10:48am

I hope she beat the socks off of them and sent her little competitors home crying.

zombieweekly - 09/15/10 - 11:43am

LOL must be one rich daddy

flaherty - 09/15/10 - 12:11pm

plus she’s already over the damned line! probably doping too. gotta get em started young…

uglyyeti - 09/15/10 - 4:48pm

As a kid, of course you want all the badass toys that dad has – no problem with that. As a father, I want my kid to learn to compete with skill and conditioning, not blatant mechanical advantage.

Gillis - 09/15/10 - 9:27pm

That one bike is probably worth more than all of mine collectively.

Andy Smith - 09/16/10 - 2:25pm

I bet the kid is doping

Jamie - 10/02/10 - 4:00am

Meh, I’ve beaten riders that were on bikes worth 10 times the value of mine before. Kid hasn’t even got a clipless pedal system. 😀

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