…and Mission Workshop Debuts the SPD-Ready Rondel Urban Cycling Shoe

Ironic that we get this immediately after the release on Chrome’s version (Mission Workshop was founded by former Chrome founder), but MW has just brought out the Rondel, their first shoe and depending on who you ask possibly the first SPD-compatible urban cycling shoe. Here’s the skinny:

The Rondel bike shoe incorporates a clean street aesthetic and a recessed cleat design, making the shoe ideal for all day on and off-bike performance. The recessed cleat design allows the Rondel to bring all cycling disciplines and pedal styles together with one shoe: clips, clipless, straps, platforms, SPD, BMX, Road, and MTB. Utilizing vulcanized construction, and a full length nylon shank, the Rondel is flexible enough to be worn all day, while still being stiff enough for pedaling performance. The end result is a sneaker that is a modern day shape shifter – the next evolution of urban footwear.


Tews - 12/21/10 - 4:03pm

Very cool shoes.

Any shoes can be a cycling shoe, too.

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