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Nice idea this.  New site is a handy way to see second-hand bikes on sale. It aggregates bike sales from Gumtree and other sites, and displays each as an image tiled in a wall on its front page.

It’s easy to see what’s what and also allows you to search by price. However, the site’s founders also see it as a tool for retrieving stolen bikes. Gumtree in particular is notorious as being a shifting ground for hot property so, if your bike has been nicked, gives you an easy way to scan all the used bikes currently on sale, to see if yours is there.


Andrew Priest - 08/24/10 - 9:50am


Just a heads-up to let you know the URL to the site is not formatted correctly and hence it returns a 404 error.


Kristibee - 08/24/10 - 10:45am

Thanks, Andrew.

MaxLeonard - 08/24/10 - 10:57am

Thanks both


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