New e-Bike from Hawaiian Inventor Takes Cruiser Style and Adds Ooomph


Hawaiian inventor Marty Schlesinger has invented a cruiser style electric bicycle called the Electrickbas. Modeled after “something he’d want to throw a leg over,” he launched Voltage Cycles to create an e-bike with style.

Found via a feature story on KITV4 in Hawaii, they’ve got a non-embeddable video on their site, and Voltage has their own (non-embeddable) video on the bike on their site, too.

Based around a 600W brushless motor in the rear hub (a la Bion-X), the Electrickbas is a power assist bicycle capable of 30mph thanks to the 48volt battery pack hidden in the frame’s retro style “gas tank”. The bikes were inspired by original Indian and other early motorcycles that looked very much like this…which makes sense as they were based on bicycles.  Aaahh, how things have come full circle.

All Voltage Cycles’s bikes are custom made to order and start around $2,000.


Bob gin - 09/25/13 - 7:34pm

Hi, you’ve got a pretty nice looking bicycle.what is the weight of the green bike as listed above?are you located in the Waikiki area cause I will be in Ohau on the second week of October.thank you Bob

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