Mad Alchemy Launches New Pro Line of ‘Cross Inspired Embrocations


Molly Cameron chose to go with a pure mint embrocation to remain traditional to her European embrocation roots.

PRESS RELEASE: Mad Alchemy Embrocation has joined forces with an elite group of cyclocross superheroes to produce the new PRO Signature Line of Embrocations. Launching in mid-September, the PRO Signature Line, will span many levels of heat, ranging from a super-mellow, gentle, vegan embro to a strong, medium intensity heating one. Each athlete’s exclusive brew has been tested and approved and range in scent from kola nut extract to “surf wax scent” to a spiritual and inspiring white tea and citrus blend.

“We worked closely with all of the athletes to develop an embrocation that fits them just right. There were some very unique ideas and requests from those guys. They made the crafting a lot of fun. “ says Pete Smith, creator and exclusive brewer at Mad Alchemy. “We’ve been brewing hand-made embrocations for a bit over two years now. I’m always trying to come up with new goods and concepts for an exciting product, but it’s always beneficial to get another point of view. These guys are helping me do my job better.”

Riders involved in the project include, current US Cyclocross National Champion Tim Johnson (his product shown after the break), and Jeremy Powers (both from Cannondale –, Molly Cameron (Portland Bicycle Studios), Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus), 2009 Woman’s US Road Race Champion Meredith Miller (California Giant Strawberries / TIBCO) and multi-year US Master’s Cyclocross and Mountain Bike National Champion Mo Bruno-Roy (MM Racing).

In return to their commitment to the brand, each athlete has chosen a charity to which a percentage of the profits will be shared. “Everyone was excited that, as a company, we were interested in giving back. The PRO Signature Line is not only about developing Mad Alchemy, but it’s also about sharing with the people that are on a mission to make our lives better. Charities need help and this is our first step in offering that help.“ Added Smith.

Tim Johnson's blend has a spiced cola scent to it, which is inspired by a new cola product from his sponsor, Red Bull.

Tim Johnson's blend has a spiced cola scent to it, which is inspired by a new cola product from his sponsor, Red Bull.


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