Lightweight Jerseys For These Dog Days…


Or, for layering, as modeled above. Available from Rapha, these lightweight jerseys are made from their eyelet Sportwoolâ„¢, 25% merino wool and 75% polyester. Available for $175 in light blue or white, the shirt has two large pockets and a zippered “ballast” pocket in the rear. If you’re in the market for summer-weight jerseys and want to check out more, you can check out our recent review of a few more brands here.

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Matt - 07/31/10 - 3:20pm

What idiot is actually going to pay that much for a jersey? Seriously, besides your local dipshit orthopedic surgeon trying to be a “cool” cyclist. Is Rapha serious? Are there gold and diamonds in the clothing they make and it’s just invisible? Hmm.

David - 07/31/10 - 7:17pm

Lighten up Matthew.

g - 07/31/10 - 10:45pm

Lighten up? Matt is right on. That’s almost unbelievable. Here we are with an unemployment rate of 10% and some company, which sounds French no less?, tries to screw people. Or thinks people are complete idiots. What a joke. And what’s with the zipper? Freaks.

Tim - 07/31/10 - 11:10pm

Dude, decaf will help.

RED - 08/01/10 - 9:53am

Yes Rapha is expensive, but…
I would rather have one Rapha jersey than 2,3,4 crappy synthetic ones.

RE: the Classic & Country jersey’s

1. fits me perfectly, better than almost all other jersey’s
.. which is just lucky for me, and it may not fit YOU…

2. does not stink

3. In the heat, it works better than classic wool jerseys (often short zips and same or higher wool content)

4. looks and feels great to me – it is the jersey that I reach for first.


Honestly I think that people who rip on Rapha the most are the ones who have not tried it.
Some of us would *give up other things* to buy it…

Rapha may mean “Bentley” to you, but it could equally mean “beans & toast for a month”
Take the chip off your shoulder…

g - 08/01/10 - 8:25pm

No chip here. I get my clothing free from sponsors. If you want to eat beans to buy a $175 dollar jersey with a zipper in back, more power to ya. And congrads to Ralpha laughing all the way to the bank.

beck - 08/02/10 - 2:16am

Rapha: for the uber douchebag hipster in all of us…

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