Spy Shots: Pro-Lite The One Kid’s 650b Cyclocross Bike


Looking to get your little monster into cyclocross and teach him or her the value of hard, cold, dirty work for the glory and reward of a well deserved beer Capri-Sun?

Pro-Lite is close to having their kid’s version of The One ‘cross bike with 650b wheels ready to roll into production. They shot over a few “spy” photos from the build up in their studio, but few details. The other photo’s after the break…



Chris - 07/21/10 - 5:44pm

They couldn’t even finish the bike off with brakes/shifters, etc? I’m all for spy shots, but what the…

Steve - 07/22/10 - 8:03pm

That is not 650B but 650C. Check the Pro-Lite link…

e - 09/12/10 - 12:39am

If it is a 650c (as their website says), what cyclocross tire are they going to provide? to the best of my knowledge no one currently manufactures one. Am I wrong about that?

sid - 05/18/11 - 2:54am

I have just been in touch with pro-lite and the guy I spoke to went ape shit when he found out this picture was on the web. He said they use the Schwalbe tyre, take a look here http://pro-lite.net/?option=com_content&task=view&id=114&Itemid=55

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