2011 Specialized Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross Bikes – Actual Weights


Just like we did with the mountain bikes, we put our Park Tools scale through the paces weighing all the 2011 Specialized road bikes, too. Like the MTB post, this one’s all about weights, and we’ve covered the entire line of men’s and women’s road, cyclocross and triathlon bikes.

Above is the totally redesigned Roubaix SL3. This is their top of the line S-Works Di2 model, which I rode for about 31 miles up Ute Pass near Keystone. Most of the bikes weighed are size medium unless otherwise noted, and for this one we had to grab a Large, which weighed in at 15lbs 7oz.

Hit more to see the rest of the line…


2011 Roubaix Pro SL3 Dura-Ace: 15lbs 15oz


It’s also available in Orange/White which looks awesome in person.


2011 Roubaix Expert SL3: 17lbs 8oz

With paint, above, and slightly lighter without paint, below:



2011 Roubaix Elite SL2 Apex: 19lbs 11oz

Don’t let the weight fool you. This is last year’s top of the line frame, and if you built it up with a higher end group, it’d get down around 15lbs easily.


2011 Tarmac S-Works SL3 (SRAM Red): 14lbs 9oz


2011 Tarmac S-Works SL3 (Dura-Ace): 15lbs 3oz


2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 M2 (SRAM Red): 15lbs 5oz


2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 (Dura-Ace): 15lbs 3oz


2011 Tarmac Comp SL2: 18lbs 4oz


2011 Secteur Comp: 20lbs 1oz



2011 Crux Pro Carbon: 18lbs 14oz


2011 Crux Comp Alloy: 20lbs 6oz (size Small)

No, I didn’t weigh the TriCross bikes…no particular reason, just didn’t get to them. The Crux is the new hotness, though.



2011 Amira S-Works: 15lbs


2011 Amira Expert: 16lbs 11oz


2011 Ruby Expert: 17lbs 3oz


2011 Dulce Comp: 20lbs 1oz



2011 Shiv S-Works: 17lbs 12oz


2011 Transition Pro: 19lbs 11oz


paul - 07/16/10 - 6:58pm

The Apex Roubaix SL2 is NOT based on last years SL2. It uses the same moulds, but a lower end carbon mix.

frank - 07/16/10 - 10:10pm

ya. what paul said. it is not 11r carbon. just shares the same mold as the 2009 SL2.

paul - 07/17/10 - 11:45am

Actually, the S-Works Roubaix SL2 uses 10r carbon. Only the Tarmac SL2/SL3 (S-works versions) get the stiffer 11r configuration. I am not certain of what carbon is specced on the new Roubaix SL3, though I suspect is still 10r, just with the new moulds, BB assembly, etc.

Jeff - 07/17/10 - 3:25pm

These are a bit tough to tell. My shop has the 2011 Apex Spec Roubaix Elite SL2 and it has Fact 8R carbon on it. For each model (S-Works, Pro, Expect, and Elite) I’d assume that Specialized lowers the carbon 1 level each.

Bobo - 07/18/10 - 10:59pm

all Chinese carbon. Correct?

BJ - 07/19/10 - 11:38am

yes china, and stiffer then anything else out there

BJ - 07/19/10 - 4:59pm

China, yes… stiffer then anything else out there, yes as well

Cheeky - 07/19/10 - 10:14pm

BJ you would never now. There are so many bikes out there. Besides, stiffness doesn’t mean compliant or quality. It can work against you.

John - 07/22/10 - 8:45pm

I thought SRAM components were lighter than the Durace. In the pics however, they show the 2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 (Dura-Ace): 15lbs 3oz and the 2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 M2 (SRAM Red): 15lbs 5oz. Im confused.


Andy - 07/23/10 - 9:03pm

What’s that black thing under the down tube bidon holder in the first photo – the motor?

Jeff - 07/25/10 - 6:19pm


Thats the battery pack for the new Dura Ace Di2 electronic group-set.

Zaphod - 07/26/10 - 5:33am

Which of those frames will “replace” the 2010 Pro SL frameset (http://www.specialized.com/no/en/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?spid=45874) ?

The 2011 Tarmac Comp SL2 or the Tarmac Pro SL3 frame ? Or was the 2010 Pro SL just in between them ?

Is there a new geometry or technology (again compared the the 2010 Pro SL) or is it basically just a new paintjob ?

Tyler (Editor) - 07/26/10 - 11:39am

Andy, I’m assuming you’re joking, but just in case, that’s the battery for the Di2.

John, perhaps the extra weight comes from the paint? The Dura-Ace bike has only minimal graphics and a nude carbon frame.

Other notes:
– The S-Works Roubaix SL3 does get the new FACT IS 11R carbon.
– The Roubaix SL2 Elite w/ SRAM Apex has new FACT 8R carbon.

Xavier - 07/28/10 - 8:39pm

Why isn’t the 2011 Tarmac SL3 Expert listed??

JC - 07/28/10 - 10:57pm

What group is on the Tarmac Comp shown?

DH - 07/29/10 - 8:29pm

Wow! Not very light build weights. With other mfgr’s coming in well under UCI weight limits why is Specialized not doing the same?

Xavier - 07/29/10 - 10:22pm


If I’m not mistaken I believe the 2011 Comp SL3 will come with the new 105 groupset

Xavier - 07/31/10 - 11:31am

Here is the link to the entire 2011 Tarmac lineup!!


Luis gonzales - 08/10/10 - 4:29am

Wondering which is better components SRAM apex or shimano 105?

Tyler (Editor) - 08/11/10 - 7:57am

Luis, we’ve received a few of the 105 parts, but not enough of the group to fully build a test bike. When we do, we’ll do a review on it. We have not ridden Apex yet. My hunch is both groups are solid for the price point, and mostly you’ll want to try the shifters and see which shifting method you like better. Once we’ve done a full review we’ll be able to make better recommendations.

Manu - 08/20/10 - 3:01am

Are the 2011 and 2010 Roubaix Elite frames essentially the same even though the 2011 is an 8r and the 2010 7r carbon? Aside of course the 2010 uses the 105 except the crankset. Perhaps the use of the Apex makes the 2011 roubaix elite lighter?

Bikerumor - 08/20/10 - 1:26pm

No, the 2011 Roubaix frame is a new design all the way down to how the Zertz inserts are installed.

Jeff - 08/24/10 - 7:22pm

Word is that the new Tarmac is going to be fast as hell. The flagship will be called the Tarmax and will be 33% faster than all previous Tarmacs.

Jermaine - 08/26/10 - 7:55am

Great Info. The Tarmac comp SL2 looks a great bargain, however I am put off a bit by the weight. Would an upgrade in components (Sram red/Dura Ace) and a high end wheel set drop the weight much? And if so how much do you estimate? I ride an XXL (61) so I need as much weight loss as I can get! :)

Shimanilami - 10/18/10 - 2:52pm

I’ve had my Tarmac S-Works SL3 with Dura-Ace (58cm) on order since early May. I was told this weekend (10/16) that they will not be available until late December.

How did you get one?

Jermaine - 10/21/10 - 4:37pm

I wanted a Tarmac Pro my dealer told me December too. I went and ordered a Project One

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Francisco - 12/06/10 - 4:40am

I like few bike weight. I am male. What is the problem or the difference, if i buy the Amira S-Works (Bike to Women`s).

Curtis Eaby - 03/16/11 - 2:31pm

I had a 2008 Tarmac pro with 105 and switched to sram force and dropped around a pound,I just bought a 2011 pro sl3 frame and put the force group and full fsa cockpit,and Reynolds strikes….14.5 lbs so yes you can reduce weight of of the stock bike.

Danny - 05/06/11 - 12:13pm

Hey, Tyler.
What is the frame size of the Tarmac pro Sram Bike??????? I’m getting the 56 and curious of the weight. I’m so excited to get it!!!!!!!

Jeff Johnson - 06/10/12 - 11:07am

I’d like to see the actual weight for a Venge. The goal would be to have one bike for both TT and Rd races by simply switching out handle bars and wheels the night before a event. It seems reasonable one could do that ? No ?

Tyler (Editor) - 06/10/12 - 11:57am

Jeff – Here you go:

Yes, the new crop of aero road bikes make a great dual purpose tri/road bike if you’re willing to swap in bars and wheels. Just keep in mind if you’re going the full bullhorn/aero extensions route, you’ll need to completely swap the shifters and cables. This is where a Di2 / EPS set up would be good, it’s more “plug and play”, but you’d still have to swap brakes. Just using clip-on aero bars is probably the best solution if you’re only a weekend triathlete.

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