2011 Specialized Mountain Bikes – Actual Weights


We took our trusty Park Tools scale with us to Specialized’s dealer week and weighed just about every bike they make, road and mountain. Here are the actual bike weights for virtually their entire mountain bike line, from cross country to trail to freeride to downhill, including all of the Evo models.

Studio photos and details of the full range of new bikes are posted here, and we’ll cover many of these models in more detail in separate posts. This one’s dedicated to the weight weenies. Unless noted, all models weighed are size Medium. For the ones that were weighed indoors, they’re the show bikes and the weights may not include sealant in the tires for those running tubeless (they might, but we didn’t get an absolutely clear answer). As far as we know, all are production versions and not prototypes.

Above is the Stumpjumper HT (hardtail) S-Works 26″ model. It weighs in at 18.01 lbs.

One final note: The ones weighed indoors were done with their Ultimate scale, which displays in decimal points. Our Park scale displays in pounds and ounces. Check out the rest of their line after the break…


2011 Stumpjumper HT S-Works 29er: 18.69lbs


2011 Stumpjumper HT Expert 29er: 23lbs 5oz.

OK, one more note. The demo bikes (anything photographed outdoors) had tubes (+400g approx) and a water bottle cage or two (+60g to 120g approx), plus some dust. Other than that, they should have been identical to the ones in the showroom. We’ll highlight a couple of differences on a few models below. So, if the bike is supposed to be tubeless, figure it’ll actually come in a little lighter on the showroom floor without tubes, and the bikes don’t come with cages.


2011 Stumpjumper Evo R HT Carbon: 22.17lbs (single chainring up front)


2011 Stumpjumper Evo HT alloy: 24.09lbs (single chainring up front)


2011 Stumpjumper FSR S-Works: 25lbs


2011 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29er: 29lbs 3oz. (I rode this and will do a full report later, but it’s wicked fun)


2011 Epic FSR S-Works (26″): 21lbs 5oz.


2011 Epic FSR S-Works 29er: 21.14lbs

Here’s one where we there was a sizeable discrepancy between showroom model and demo model:


The demo Epic FSR S-Works 29er weighed in at 23lbs 7oz, about 2.3lbs heavier than the showroom model. There were a few differences we noted: The demo model had tubes, it ran Fast Trak LK tires rather than the Renegades that’ll come on the bike and it had a bottle cage. In our estimation, this adds up to about 1.25lbs, leaving about a pound unaccounted for. We reviewed this with Specialized’s marketing globetrotter, Nic Sims, and at the moment we don’t have an explanation. I’ll update if we can figure it out.  For the record, though, the Fast Trak LK (Low Knob) tires hooked up wonderfully around Keystone’s trails.


2011 Epic FSR Expert 29er: 26lbs 3oz


2011 Epic FSR Expert Evo 29er: 24.84lbs


2011 Camber Pro 26″: 26.58lbs (w/ cage and tag clipped to the handlebar)


2011 Camber Pro 29er: 28lbs 6oz (I didn’t ride this one for lack of time, but comments from several others said it was really fun and should be a hot seller)


2011 SX Trail 2: 36lbs 8oz


2011 Enduro S-Works: 27lbs 9oz

I rode this, too, and it allowed me to ride things I’ve never even thought about riding before. Like the new wave of long travel, carbon bikes I’ve ridden from Cannondale and Scott recently, these bikes are super stiff and really let you up your game. Full ride reports on all of these will be posted separately.


2011 Enduro Expert: 30lbs 12oz


2011 Enduro Evo: 33lbs 10oz (this one might be a Large frame)


2011 Pitch Pro: 30lbs 2oz.


2011 Demo 8 Two: 37lbs 14oz


2011 Demo 8 One: 38lbs 5oz


2011 Bighit 3: 39lbs 2oz



2011 Era Comp Carbon: 25lbs 3oz.

The “Comp” level carbon Era is new for 2011, previously you had to get S-Works level to get the carbon frame. This one had a slight difference in weights between indoor and outdoor weigh ins:


The demo model came in seven ounces heavier, which could be due to tubes and bottle cage, though, I’m not sure if this model is supposed to be tubeless as sold on the floor. Technically all of Specialized’s mountain tires are tubeless ready with a UST compatible bead, but most of the times, bikes are sold with tubes in them regardless of trim level…it’s just easier on the shop.

Actually, I should note that the only reason I caught these weight discrepancies was because I happened to shoot these bikes in both locations. It’s highly likely that there would be differences in all of the models shown here between showroom and demo.


2011 Safire Pro: 26lbs 7oz (this is a size Large frame). For close up photos of this bike, check this post.


2011 Myka FSR Elite: 29lbs 2oz.


2011 Myka Expert 29er: 29lbs 5oz.


Conor - 07/15/10 - 4:09pm

Was there an EVO Stumpjumper available for ride/weight?

MJ - 07/15/10 - 4:58pm

Yeah, Stumpy EVO !!! Anything??

BW - 07/15/10 - 8:44pm

Epic 29er = drool! Even at the heavier weight that is just plain awesome. Too bad it won’t get my bank account’s approval.

Alex - 07/16/10 - 1:32am

Can someone please write here which colours will be available for the 26 inch S-Works Carbon HT frameset? And will it be possible to order the only the frame or frame/fork set?

bobo - 07/16/10 - 2:02am

fugly. Specialized should update their platform from circa late 90’s look

MSC - 07/16/10 - 5:09am

What saddle is fitted on the S-Works Epic’s and Stumpjumper HT shown above?

TD - 07/16/10 - 8:26am

“The demo Epic FSR S-Works 29er weighed in at 23lbs 7oz, about 2.3lbs heavier than the showroom model.”


Kristibee - 07/16/10 - 9:53am

Stumpy Evo – we’re looking through our photos and if we missed it, we’ll have someone shoot it today.

Alex – pretty much all of the S-Works level stuff will be available as frame modules, but they’re mostly all the standard Specialized red/black/carbon/white color schemes. Some lower models are also available as framesets, and we’ll try to mention those when we post on the specific bikes.

TD – The Epic FSR S-Works 29er demo model did have the new carbon-rimmed wheels because Tyler commented on how stiff they were, which will be mentioned more in his ride review.

MSC – The saddle was some form of the Phenom, it varied from bike to bike whether it had hollow CroMo or hollow Ti rails, but none have the new carbon railed version (we’ll post on that new saddle separately and soon).

2biker - 07/17/10 - 6:05am

enduro expert fork is a TALAS or FLOAT?

EK - 07/18/10 - 11:49pm

I think TD is right about the epic 29er demo having different wheels unless the decals were removed and the red spokes were black..

EK - 07/19/10 - 12:39am

TD is right on the wheels, they obviously switched the entire wheelset and tires

Tyler (Editor) - 07/19/10 - 12:00pm


TD and EK – there’s a good chance they had different spec on different bikes. I rode an XL, which definitely had the carbon rimmed wheels because I was checking them out on the trail. But I weighed Medium bikes, so the Medium must have had non-carbon wheels, which would add about 300g to 400g depending on what they had on there, which would explain the difference.

2biker – The enduro expert is spec’d with a Fox 36 Float R 160mm

EVO Stumpy weight – Yeah, I missed this one, unfortunately, and by the time I contacted anyone at the event, all the bikes had been packed. Nic Sims has said he’ll weigh one for me as soon as he can, and I’ll update this post when I hear back.

Conor - 07/20/10 - 2:27pm

Thank you, would love to hear weight and details on the SJ EVO.

Jake - 07/20/10 - 10:42pm

how does the s-works epic 29er weight less than the 26er?


bigringbill - 07/23/10 - 5:19am

Anyone have a ball park price on the S-Works Epic 29er?

bigringbill - 07/23/10 - 2:40pm

I was told today $4400.00 for the frameset and $9400.00 for complete bike. I think the frame includes the fork and headset. OUCH!!!

Nevada 29er - 07/24/10 - 2:14am

Will the Carbon SJ FSR 29er come in XXL?

chaff - 07/25/10 - 4:36am

What forks are fitted to the stumpjumper HT expert? And what is the weight of the 26″ version?

I’m inclined to agree with bobo, a colour other than red would be nice on the cross country models.

Carol Pino - 08/18/10 - 6:48am

Wow, great web sight. Thank you! Any information on the Epic Comp 29er (aluminum). I’ve ordered one and can’t find so much as a picture.

Jeff - 08/19/10 - 5:00pm

Do you have the weight of the Epic Expert EVO trail in 26er? How about the cost?

smoen - 08/24/10 - 9:06am

Can the demo Epic FSR S-Works 29er weight difference between the demo and showroom models be accounted for by the missing pedals in the showroom model?

How bout the 29er Single speed. - 08/26/10 - 8:10pm

any weight on the stoupjumper 29 er SS

patrik - 08/27/10 - 2:10pm

Wow, I really like the new interface technique of scrolling down 43 screens to read all the bike weights. Beats having one nice, organized table. Awesome!

Carol - 08/30/10 - 8:38pm

2011 Specialized web sight finally up and running!

Luke - 09/02/10 - 10:39pm

Any notes on the weight of the Epic Comp Carbon 29er?

peter - 12/10/10 - 10:39am

allot of the Epic Sworks 29ers had Aluminum wheels on them at the demo, I road a Medium and Large, both had tubes and aluminum wheels

Joey - 12/11/10 - 6:44pm

Is it safe to assume that all these bikes are being weighed without pedals on them? In every picture you can see the end of the cranks in, there are no pedals on them. That puts the downhill bikes at about 450g heavier if you’ve got pretty light pedals. Same goes for the XC bikes but obviously their pedals weigh less.

Will - 01/08/11 - 4:41pm

That S-works Stumpjumper fsr is NOT a medium, it is a XL.

cynthia - 01/25/11 - 12:35am

omg! so stoked to find this post. It seems so hard to get true weight info on the bikes out there. love the reporting AND the pix to go along with the reporting.!!!

Nate - 02/03/11 - 11:34am

Very informative and I did in fact like the picture and the weight together along with the caption. I just typed in control F and the text I wanted to see like “expert” and voila right to the exact picture(s) Do it again please. Thanks Nate

Don - 03/20/11 - 10:29pm

Measured weight of S-Works Epic FSR 29er medium at Mike Bikes with their digital scale was 23.12 lbs: no pedals; with reflectors and hang cards; not sure about tubes or sealant. Seems to have gained about 2 lbs since the start of production.

SSS - 04/17/11 - 10:20pm

Weight of Vita Sport?

Kieran - 05/17/11 - 11:20pm

Where’s that full review of the 2011 Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29er?

Tyler (Editor) - 05/18/11 - 11:20am

Kieran, apparently they’re selling so fast Specialized didn’t need to send us one for review.

Bryan - 07/09/11 - 12:59pm

How much does the S-Works Epic 29er Frame weigh? Curious how the frame weight compares to the Tallboy and new Niner Carbon frames that weigh in just over 5lbs. Thanks!

Bryan - 07/09/11 - 1:42pm

Found it…according to Specialized data sheet, the frame weighs 1699g which, translates to 3.75lbs. Don’t know if the documented weight is without the shock (presumably without the fork), though. Would think this is without the shock. Can anyone confirm?

isaac pucci - 11/23/11 - 10:38am

Thanks for these weights been looking everywhere

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