Sweet Custom Rockshox SID Decals from Artist Tyler Tate

Tyler Tate, a graphic designer in Kansas City, sent us some photos of his custom SID decals. Borrowing the general design motif of Rockshox’s current graphic scheme, they add a little flavor kinda like the Circus graphics on the new Manitou DJ fork. Flat layout shown after the break, and you can order up a set from his Etsy shop for your SID.


designerTyler » Catching up - 07/19/10 - 12:04am

[…] My Etsy items have been getting a lot of good feedback. I’ve gotten a couple sales and a couple posts on blogs. The one I’m was most excited about was on bikerumor.com. I sent them an email seeing if they wanted a free set of my SID decals and then a link to my etsy.  This is a blog I check at least a couple times a day and was amazed to get a reply…and hear that I would get a post! Here’s a link to article… http://www.bikerumor.com/2010/07/09/sweet-custom-rockshox-sid-decals-from-artist-tyler-tate/ […]

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