Folding Bicycle Eliminates Need for (a Big) Lock

Kevin Scott has designed a unique bike that dismisses the need for traditional locks by wrapping the frame around a pole, letting you use a small u-lock to connect the wheels and frame.

The bike uses a ratchet system (shown behind the break) to pull the frame tight when riding and loosen it to fold around something for easy locking. Besides making parking easier, it also makes storage in tight spaces (cubicle, flat, etc.) a bit easier. It’s on display now at the Young Designers 2 show in Islington, north London.

Via DailyMail by way of BikeBiz.


Androo - 07/08/10 - 11:47am

Kind of a neat idea. Some structural concerns, though.

While I’m totally down with using a system like that (or even a simple cable) for the downtube, since it only experiences tension loads (which a cable can easily handle), but the top tube is highly loaded in compression. Even with those stiffening rings, when you push on a rope, well…you’re basically left with a series of unconnected pipes pressing against each other. I’d have made them fit together with more of a puzzle cut in order to avoid the potential for the individual pipes shearing sideways.

McLarry - 07/08/10 - 3:43pm

I’m more impressed with his shoes.

ian - 07/08/10 - 9:30pm

where the brakes at?

BikeSlobNYC - 07/09/10 - 2:16pm

Should be titled: Ugly Bicycle Eliminates Need for any Lock, Bike so ugly not even a crackhead would steal it.

Tyler (Editor) - 07/09/10 - 4:14pm

Dude, crackheads will steal anything.

Delia - 07/12/10 - 11:29pm

lmao ^

I think this is a great idea. It is kind of ugly but I would totally ride it to work every day.

diogo - 07/13/10 - 10:22am

he wouldnt need a lock cause he will die without brakes! :\

MF - 02/04/11 - 8:01am

can i ‘ave anotha fag while i lock up me fixedfreestyleframemate? this bike is a total waste of a trip to the hospital.

Bob - 06/30/11 - 1:22pm

Two things.

1. The bike probably uses coaster brakes, so all you would need to do to brake is pedal backwards.

2. What’s preventing a thief from snipping the wires :/

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