Cav goes down and Haussler out at the Tour de Suisse


Brilliant photo here, by photographer S. Jacob found on PezCycling News, of the moment that HTC-Columbia’s Mark Cavendish went down during the final sprint in yesterday’s Tour de Suisse Stage 4.

The British sprinter, who is only belatedly hitting form, seemed to stray into Heinrich Haussler of the Cervélo Test Team’s path, touching wheels and taking a whole bunch of the sprint favourites to the floor. Haussler has pulled out of the Tour de Suisse, but Cav escaped with only road rash and bruising, though he went for precautionary X-rays. Tom Boonen, though falling on his gammy leg, seems OK, too, and he, Ciolek and Cav will all line up today.

Lampre-Farnese Vini’s Alessandro Pettachi won the stage and HTC’s Tony Martin still leads the GC.

Andre Griepel, meanwhile, seems destined to wait by the telephone for his Tour de France call-up a little longer.


Gillis - 06/16/10 - 12:32pm

Interesting: that same photo (only cropped differently) is up on, but the credit is given to someone else. And its not like these guys must’ve been standing right next to each other and pulled the trigger at the exact same moment….impossible. Its the same photo.

MaxLeonard - 06/16/10 - 1:09pm

Interesting indeed – please believe the true one and don’t credit the false!

Joel Price - 06/17/10 - 12:35am

Both photos look to be taken from a frame in the video. More importantly… why no talk about how the wheel buckled? Is it common for carbon wheels to do this? Watching the video it does appear that Cav didn’t keep his line… but the buckling of the wheel sure looks like it had something to do with the crash.

Mick - 06/17/10 - 11:06am

Cav’s Wheel buckled after impact by Haussler’s wheel…it did not fail before the impact. It played no part in the cause of the crash, it was only a result.

MaxLeonard - 06/17/10 - 11:10am

I agree with Mick.
I believe that happens as a result of lateral forces through the carbon – ie – the wheel is turned but the momentum is carrying the bike across the direction it’s pointing.
Check the video from the 2008 TdeF, where T-Mobile’s Marcus Burghardt hits a dog. Actually, the wheel folds before the dog is touched!

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