Rapha Cycle Club Opening in New York City July 3

Just about the time riders in France embark on what’s going to be one helluva Tour de France, Rapha will be opening the doors at its first NYC Rapha Cycle Club. Their Cycle Clubs are a mix of shop, gallery, cafe and hang out, with live screenings of major races and special events.

Our hunch is it’s going to be the hip place to be seen watching the Tour, for a hot minute anyway. Keep up with progress via their fresh outta the box Twitter stream here. Or, you know, just keep checking here…


PaulC - 06/09/10 - 11:06am

Wow this stuff is a little pricey. Super nice, but pricey. I think I will stick to my more humble bike shop gear. NYC velo which is my LBS has great gear for a fraction of the cost.

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