Possibly Crazy Colorado Mayor Bans Cycling in His Town

From Cyclelicio.us:

The town of Black Hawk, Colorado banned bicycles from most of its local streets. And Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman — who won the mayoral election unanimously in 2008 — is a drunken wife beater who consistently ranks as the most corrupt public official in Colorado. Really.

To “promote safety” (retards! pinheads! idiots!), the casino town of Black Hawk in the Colorado Front Range has banned bikes from local streets. Police have been ticketing cyclists riding through town since the ban became effective last January 2010.

It gets better. Read the rest at Cyclelicio.us and a followup


plum - 06/09/10 - 10:15am

This isn’t an article that I would consider up to this site’s standards. Poor form.

Richard Masoner - 06/09/10 - 1:32pm

Contrast this with the neighboring casino town of Central City, which built a 4 lane parkway with city funds and then, after working with state cycling advocates, spent more of their own money to improve this 8+ mile highway for bicycle access.

@plum: Mayor Spellman’s drunkenness and felony conviction for beating and then shooting at his wife is a matter of public record.

Curt W - 06/09/10 - 3:12pm

I’m live in this town and was pulled over and warned for riding on a side street. Not main street, but a dirt road leading out of the city. crazy!

Topmounter - 06/09/10 - 9:39pm

Black Hawk is not exactly the cycling-mecca of Colorado… drunks and old people go there to gamble, not the safest place to ride a bike.

plum - 06/10/10 - 9:43am

@Richard – there’s no dispute on my end w/r/t the facts at hand. However, anyone who wields the word “retard” is not worthy of recognition.

Richard Masoner - 06/10/10 - 4:32pm

@plum: I removed the ‘r-word’ in my post after realizing my mistake. Do you really believe insults are appropriate in educating people on it?

[…] bicycle advocacy groups are trying to get the little town of Black Hawk, CO, to overturn its recent ban on riding bikes on its streets. The ban, enacted in January this year, claimed to be done to improve safety despite […]

Stefan - 06/12/10 - 9:23pm

@plum: Really?

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