Trailer: Nebraska Supersonic – Bicycle Couriers on the Great Plains

Nebraska Supersonic can be summed up thusly: Three slacker French majors graduate, get temp jobs, lose temp jobs, start bicycle delivery company. In Nebraska. Hijinks ensue.

This movie, by writer/director Jeremy Lerman, has been well reviewed by several other media outlets and was a hit at the No Dance Film Festival, winning the Best Screenplay Award and Golden Orbs Award. The DVD is available for $14.99 and comes with special features, which are best described by the director himself: “Special DVD features include the complete movie in iPod format and the complete mp3 soundtrack (and another special feature is that the movie is special).”


[…] were ever thinking of opening a business where you can ride your bicycle, and opening a branch of Nebraska Supersonic in your area just isn’t feasible, then this might be […]

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