Now, You Too, Can Get Your RAD Fix


Jeremy Moser was a stunt rider in the movie RAD back in ’85 and had such fond memories of it that he started searching the web for some RAD nostalgia. After not finding a site dedicated to RAD, he decided to create his own.

The Movie Rad Collection is an homage to the filming of RAD and the movie release. Jeremy has posted photos of his own collection of memorabilia, and photos from his readers, of such things as the promotional brochure sent out by the film studio, movie posters, the vinyl album (!) of the movie’s soundtrack, and more. Jeremy even has a build list of the main character’s BMX bike and has started to build a replica.

The best part of the website is Jeremy’s explanation of how he became involved in the filming of the movie: basically his mom started hanging out with the GT BMX Team and decided to follow them to CA and then to Calgary to film the movie. Jeremy and his brother got to tag along and ended up being stunt riders for the movie–every kid’s dream in the mid 80’s!

As a bonus, I’ve included the ‘Send Me An Angel’ video from the movie after the break–where Lori Laughlin’s BMX stunt double looks suspiciously like a dude…

While you’re checking out the website, don’t forget to click on the link to “sign” a petition to get RAD released on DVD! For now, you can watch a 5 min teaser of the movie on Veoh–or watch the whole movie on your computer if you download the Veoh Web Player.


Ron - 06/05/10 - 8:11am

A total classic for any kid riding his bike during the 80’s!
Go Jer!

Favorite Mother-In-Law - 06/05/10 - 9:42am

Another project !!!!!! I know you love it – so good for you. I have a guy in mind, a huge bike fan, who I will forward this on to.

Tyler (Editor) - 06/05/10 - 8:55pm

Wow. There are more than 24,000 signatures on the petition!

[…] to see more pics of the bike, and please check out Jeremy’s website for your RAD fix. PS, click here to see a clip of the movie (ala the Send Me An Angel video) where Lori Laughlin’s dude stunt […]

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