Pedal-Powered Porsche, The Ferdinand GT3 RS

Weighing in at a spartan 220lbs, the Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS lays claim to being the first full-size Porsche replica that’s pedal powered.  The “Ferdinand” refers to Porsche’s founder, and the RS is for Rad (cycle) Sport.

Check out construction photos after the break.  In the video above, once it’s on the track, things are pretty slow going until the last 25 seconds.






Tons more photos on his Flickr stream.


spokejunky - 06/03/10 - 11:52am

I don’t know whether I should ride it or wait for Jiffy Pop popcorn to burst from the ample use of tin foil. Somehow I think this is more appropriate:

Michael Latsch - 06/03/10 - 8:24pm

That’s awesome! Those are some long and saggy chains-I think he needs a giant-sized derralieur.

Evan - 06/03/10 - 9:16pm


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