MapMyRide iPhone App Now Tracks Friends in Real Time


iMapMyRide’s updated iPhone app now lets you track your riding, running or training partners (or that loved one) in real time.

The new version 3.5.0 also improves app stability and GPS tracking, but the real key is the ability to see where your friends are while they’re riding…so you know if they’re about to sneak up on you or if you’re totally crushing them.  Of course, you probably shouldn’t be staring at the app for too long.

This update brings it closer to PedalBrain’s app/hardware combo by copying one of it’s coolest features, but iMapMy’s program doesn’t sync up with HR, speed and cadence monitors yet.  The app’s $4.99 on iTunes, download it here.


[…] recently, there’s Glympse, which lets people track you in real time. More bicycle specific, MapMyRide just added similar features and OutFront lets you publish your routes in real time. Most ambitious, though, is […]

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