Greg Minnaar’s Carbon Nomad Stolen


Greg Minnaar’s custom carbon Nomad has been stolen in San Jose, California. The bike is going to be very easy to spot, with a syndicate paint job, edge carbon wheels and lots of other very expensive parts.

If you or anyone you know have any leads, call Santa Cruz immediately at 831-459-7560 or email

Further pictures are available on the Santa Cruz website.


Jason - 05/20/10 - 1:18pm

Is it me, or is it likely that this is actually a publicity stunt? Ever since Lance Armstrong’s bike got stolen, I can’t help but think that. I mean come on “Minnaurs carbon nomad stolen, click on Santa Cruz website for pictures of it”? Give me a break.

Greg - 05/20/10 - 6:47pm

If this is really Mr Minnaar’s bike, my wish is that the thief is caught and hanged. I hate bike thieves, they are the worst order of criminals. Sorry to hear this.

Bike thieves suck,


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