Photos from 2010 Five Boros Bike Tour – Funny Helmet Decorations


A couple weeks back, Sweetie and I borrowed some Zigo bikes, strapped the kids in the front and joined the largest group bicycle ride on earth: The TD Bank Five Boros Bike Tour.  It was 42 miles of awesomeness, and I highly recommend it.

This week, I’m posting photos from the ride, grouped by topic:  First up, funny helmet decorations. “Funny” shall be loosely defined as pretty much anything stuck to someone’s helmet, with the sad admission that I missed snapping a photo of probably the best one of all: A hampster in a hampster wheel attached to some guys helmet.  Not sure if it was a real hampster or not, as only Sweetie actually saw it, but the mental images are pleasing nonetheless.

Starting with the Ms. Pacman above, she was part of a group of about five or six, and all of the guys with her had Pacmans.  Lots more after the break…


Most of the photos were taken as people rolled by the start.  We were sitting just beyond the mass start line to cover everything and wait for the rest of the Zigo riders to roll by…which happened in the third wave…about 90 minutes after the first start.  Yep, that’s how long it takes 32,000 bicycle riders to roll by at a leisurely pace.





The two in the background were part of a larger troupe that had tall cylindrical things stuck to the helmets.  I didn’t crop this one too tight just to share some of the city backdrop.





Can you guess what these are?  True fans will know…








More tomorrow!


soul_cramp - 05/18/10 - 11:31am

That would be Yoda and a strom trooper attached to those helmets.

Now what do I win??? jk

enjoy the site, keep up the good work!

Tyler (Editor) - 05/18/10 - 11:46am

You win the pride of being the first commenter to acknowledge the awesomeness of Star Wars! Oh what the heck, how ’bout a Camelbak Podium bottle! Check your email…

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