Santa Cruz’s New Butcher, Nickel and Nomad Carbon Real World Weights, Pics


SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – Santa Cruz has been on a whirlwind new bike release tour lately, debuting the Nomad-C carbon fiber all-mountain bike followed closely by the all-new Nickel and Butcher all-mountain / trail bikes with their new APP (Actual Pivot Point) suspension design.

The next logical question, of course, is how much do they weigh?  That’ll depend on how you build them up, of course, but Santa Cruz tends to have their demo bikes built about how most people would (or would like to) spec their own.  We weighed the Nomad-C, Nickel and Butcher, and I think all bikes were a Medium size frame.

Actual, real-world weights and some detail shots after the break…


The Nomad-C weighs in at 27lbs 6oz, which means our guess from the original debut post was spot-on.  Per Santa Cruz, the frame/shock weighs in at 6.1 lbs.  Not too shabby for a durable all-mountain bike that claims to be able to take some serious abuse…


…and it’ll look good doing it.




The Butcher is the longer travel of the two new aluminum APP bikes.


The 150mm travel mountain tamer comes in at 28lbs 11oz.



The Nickel gets a slightly more svelte frame with 125mm rear wheel travel (designed with 130mm forks in mind).


It weighs in at 26lb 4oz.





How’s this for a nifty feature:  That little prong on the back of the replaceable derailleur hangar?  It’s a bottle opener.  Brilliant!


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