Red Bull Builds BMX Ramps in Chicago Construction Zone – 25 Riders Enter, One Man Leave


On May 14-15 at the corner of Wells and Harrison in Chi-town, 25 of the best BMX athletes will do battle on a construction site in Red Bull Stomping Ground.

The building site in the heart of the Windy City will be hijacked for two days as the world’s best dirt riders showcase their talents in one of America’s busiest cities. Dirt legend Fuzzy Hall has designed the Chicago course which will come complete with diggers, cranes and other building equipment to create a truly unique environment for BMX competition.

The action begins on Friday, May 14, with the qualifiers for the 25 invited riders. Each rider will have three runs at the course, with the top two runs contributing to the rider’s overall score.

The top 10 riders will then be placed in a 25-minute ‘JAM’ session and the five best given the chance to compete in the finals 24 hours later.

Among those participating in the event are dirt riders Corey Bohan, Alejandro Caro, Kye Forte, Panagiotis Manaras and Janusz Pietruczuk. Tickets for Sunday’s main event are just $10. For more info and to get tickets, visit


Fabrice - 04/23/10 - 1:17pm

Are comment about somebody trying out 22″ special wheels on the course 4 real??? Post up or shut up if its WORD

Tanner3000 - 04/27/10 - 2:23pm

Should be an awesome event, my homies got a 22 whip b very interesting if they allow one in.

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