Walmart Selling Mongoose Cachet Fixie, Skinny Jeans Coming

walmart-mongoose-cachet-fixed-gear-bicycleTo put it in Wired’s elegantly phrased terms, hipsters can now ‘cry in their PBR’ with the news that Walmart is selling a “Fixed Speed” bicycle.

The Mongoose Cachet is spec’d better than you’d expect for $149, starting with the aluminum frame but ending with the “Front and rear caliper brakes ensure precise stops” and “High-profile colored rims add urban style.”

For the chump change that this costs, one could easily sand down the frame and paint it matte, yank the brakes and throw on some gawdy neon Oury grips and most would be none the wiser.  After all, if Mongoose can make a fixie that can do serious urban street tricks, this should be able to take some beginner abuse.

And those skinny jeans, well, we’re hopefully just kidding about that…


ryan - 03/29/10 - 1:59pm

So this is the official nail in the fixie coffin. Sorry hipsters your “scene” (that you co-opted from a previous generation) has been Wal-Marted. Hell, if I wore skinny jeans, sported knuckle tattoos and had a Grizzly Adams beard I’d be pissed. But I don’t so I can only laugh.

But on a serious note:
If this is truly a fixie, I can see the lawsuits rolling in. Imagine an uninformed parent buys this bike for their teenage child as a Christmas/birthday gift. Said child has no idea that you can’t freewheel and instantly has a face full of pavement trying to make a stop or make a turn. I hope for their part it’s just a single-speed with a trendy name.

Tyler (Editor) - 03/29/10 - 4:21pm

…or at least a flippie floppie. Good thing it has brakes. But, curiously, I don’t see the typically required reflectors anywhere.

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Ben - 04/03/10 - 11:08pm

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Damn… I wonder how many unsuspecting gift receivers will get their fingers cut by the chain.

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G.Miller - 01/06/11 - 12:34pm

It is not a fixed gear, it is a single speed. It has the ablility to install a fixed gear cog on the hub. Its sweet for the price. Next cheapest bike is a Phat Phixie, or Globe Bikes…both $300++++

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