Niner’s New Jet9 Full Suspension 29ers are in production!

Above, a batch of tack welded rear triangles for the redesigned Niner Jet 9 are getting ready to take a solution bath to ensure that they’re “clean, clean, clean” before being fully welded.  Niner co-owner Steve Domahidy is in Taiwan overseeing the first production run, and he’s updating the Niner Facebook page with quasi-real time posts about how it’s going, pictures and general information about a bicycle production run.  Check it out…we know you’re Facebooking anyway and your Farmville pigs can tend to themselves for a few moments.


[…] couldn’t come soon enough for many riders, and now that the totally redesigned Niner Jet 9 is in full production, they’ve released their first set of photos comparing the new model to the […]

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