New Rapha / Apolis Activism Nepalese Wool Transit Elite Sweater

Rapha’s on a roll turning out new kit and clothing.  The limited edition Transit Elite Sweater is a hat tip to their old Track Top and looks to be a sweet cruise around or aprés ride sweater.  Made in partnership with Apolis Activism, a Los Angeles based clothing company, it’s hand knitted in Kathmandu from a blend of 30% Nepalese cashmere and 70% Merino wool.

Here it is rocked by a guy that looks a lot like what I suspect Dicky (aka: Rich Dillen, aka: my adversary at Breck Epic this year) will look like in 5 years:

MSRP is £285 and it’s only available in this blue striped tone.  Video that explains its origin and fair-tradey humanitarian roots right after the break…


Mark - 03/12/10 - 8:58pm

Is the Mustache optional?

cheeken - 03/13/10 - 1:34pm

I understand the activism/fair-trade/organic-grown/knitted-in-Kathmandu thing that they’re going for here, but this costs $432 dollars. $432 dollars?! How is this not just a company saying, “Hey, let’s just see how much we can get those dumb schmucks to pay for something?” I’m sure the quality is amazing, and I wouldn’t trust my nipples to anything less than 30% Nepalese Cashmere, but come on, this is just Rapha being jerks.

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