Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Pink Banana Seat Crochet Bike

bikerumor pic of the day crochet bicycle wall art from the bike project

Crochet Bike at The Bike Project” by sso. Check out his blog: Single Speed Outlaw.

This piece was part of the works shown at The Bike Project this past September in Columbia, MD. Crafters out there can appreciate the work that went into this piece, and we can all appreciate the joyful memories a pink banana seat bike with basket and flowers on the front brings us!

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this is carrie - 02/17/10 - 12:33am

As a crocheter, a biker, and a mother of a daughter who loves riding her vintage banana seat Schwinn around the neighborhood (much to the chagrin of her father who bought her a shiny new specialized mtn bike), I couldn’t love this photo any more.

Truly an amazing piece of artwork.

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