Rapha Previews New Clothing – Highlights Are Women’s Collection and City Wear


Uptown clothing company Rapha has been letting flirtatious little sneak peeks of its bike clothing out online over the past few days, but has now unveiled its 2010 line-up.

The British label’s clothing is always stylishly restrained, high-quality and very functional – and ‘reassuringly expensive’ as a certain premium beer’s advertising used to say. This season is no exception, with new colorways and variants on the classic road jerseys, country jerseys and gilets for the road cyclist.


Where there’s been real expansion, however, is in the range of smart ‘urban’ attire for the commuter, including long- and short-sleeved shirts and merino underwear(!?). I’m a merino addict so, as weird as  it sounds, I’m not knocking it until I’ve tried it!

It’s a real step forward too, that Rapha is offering clothing specifically for women – no doubt to satisfy a growing demand. The company also say that they’ll be developing a grass-roots women’s team in the London area.

The new stock and changing of the seasons mean that its remaining 2009 cyclocross gear is now selling at a discount.

Continues, with more pictures after the jump.


The women’s range also features stowaway jackets and shorts.


Finally, the team-issue kit has been updated, to feature the team’s new sponsor, Sharp. Check out the Rapha website for the complete range


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