New Snafu Pedals to Please BMX and Freeride Mountain Bike Weight Weenies


BMX and freeride MTB riders should peep the new Snafu Anorexic pedals, now available from US distributors Sidewall, or so this press release says.

As their somewhat unfortunate name suggests, the Anorexics’ precise CNC machining has removed all unneccesary material so that the 6061-T6 alloy pedals weigh only 178g (6.25 oz) each. A lightweight spindle with needle bearings adds to the performance aspect of these 100mm-wide pedals.

Between you and me, I’ve always thought that even the skinniest grimpeur (or rider of any sort) could afford to lose from their waist the pounds or ounces that represent the difference between super-lightweight and ‘normal’ high-end components… then again, that doesn’t stop me from wanting the light bits! I like shiny stuff as much as the next man: these pedals look pretty boss to me.


diamondback - 02/11/10 - 5:01pm

Weenie or no, they do look sexy, and if I lose a little weight on my ride, all’s the better.

MaxLeonard - 02/12/10 - 8:06am


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