First Ever Wooden Fixed Gear Bicycle?


Found this via FixedGearGallery by way of  It’s a handbuilt wood bike called the Birch Bike and was crafted by Alan Downey in Austin, TX.  Sure, it’s a bit odd to see a double crankset on a fixie, but irregardless, it’s supposedely the first all wood fixed gear bike submitted to their gallery.

Another photo after the break, or just shoot on over to FGG for more…



GT - 02/08/10 - 5:07pm

Irregardless isn’t a word. Try regardless

@j2dahizzay - 02/08/10 - 5:27pm

Beautiful. How’s the ride? Responsive? Flexy? Stiff? Smooth? So curious.

Tyler (Editor) - 02/08/10 - 5:58pm

but it sounds funny…try saying it a few times in a whiny tone, makes a great conversation interjector. I doubt “interjector” is a word either.

Spencer - 02/09/10 - 10:15am

That crankset has two rings.

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