Map, Tweet and Share Your Ride: Map My Ride+ Now Available

mapmyride-plus-iphone-cycling-appMapMyRide+ has an updated version with several new features added, including the ability to Tweet and Share your ride via Twitter and Facebook.

The updated app lets you track your workout metrics in realtime using the phone’s GPS, then save and upload them.  It stores the most recent 10 workouts in the app and lets you edit and view them from the iPhone, and all workouts are saved to your MapMyRide training log.

It also geo-tags your photos taken from within the app, and it has voice feedback to keep you on schedule with your programmed workouts.  It even has embedded iPod controls so you can listen to your music while running the app.

The app and more info is available through iTunes here.


Tsuru - 01/29/10 - 5:54am

wish they’d get some other OS apps… say, WebOS, going. =( We aren’t all on ATT&T/Apple.

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