PedalBrain iPhone App, Hardware Update – Batteries Included


Pedalbrain, the iPhone app and hardware kit that lets you upload and download training and ride data in real time, as well as see where your Pedalbrain-equipped teammates or riding buddies are, has just leaked that they are going to offer a version with a built-in battery.

The case will house a battery that will give you up to 6 hours of use with GPS, Data, ANT+ and Bluetooth running.  That means you can sync it with your power meter, heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensors AND use Bluetooth headsets, too.

Not sure what this thing is?  Check our original post and followup post for more info.


Scott Weiss - 01/28/10 - 8:58am

I actually think this will be awesome. To have some teammates also get it would be like playing GoldenEye while riding.

However, me thinks the pricetag will be closer to $$$ than to $.

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