Contador Says Cold Weather is Hampering His Training

FROM AP REPORTS: Tour de France champion Alberto Contador says the unusually cold weather in Europe is hampering his preseason training plans.

The Astana rider says his training so far has been “difficult to sort out” because of the weather and other commitments.

The Spanish rider says he still feels good going into Astana’s 10-day preseason training camp on Thursday at Calpe, Spain.

Contador says he will start his season at the Tour of Algarve in Portugal in mid-February, but isn’t sure he’ll win because of his lack oftraining.


uglyyeti - 01/13/10 - 4:34pm

Yo Alberto,

There’s an entire hemisphere just below this one that’s enjoying summer right now. Over half the planet is warmer than Europe in January. Spain colonized several mountainous countries down there 500 years ago – they still speak your language.

Think Lance has figured that out? He’s racing in Australia this week after training in Hawaii. That sounds like a pretty posh routine if you ask me. Nobody’s getting twitters about how the weather sucks in Austin, because he isn’t there.

You work for a country called Kazakhstan. The average January daylight temperature ranges from -5C to -20C. Not the lows, the average. Do you really think they care how crappy the weather is in Spain? Buy a jacket or pack a suitcase. You get paid to ride a bicycle. Wah.

grae - 01/13/10 - 7:37pm

Poor baby. The next thing you know he’ll complain about lubing his own chain.

cheeken - 01/14/10 - 1:17am

Mark my words, Contador is just setting the stage to use this as an excuse when he can’t win the TdF this year. So far he’s got a pretty good list of potential excuses: Issues with Astana, Vinokourov, and now cold weather.

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