A Unicycle Built for Two

From Corbin’s Treehouse comes his frankenstein’s monster of a two-person unicycle.  How do you create such an unwieldy, impractical machine that’s probably good for an immense amount of fun in a high school parking lot?  Simple, take someone else’s idea and make it uglier, then post a YouTube video of you and a friend riding it.

tandem-unicycle-good two-person-unicycle-hack

At left, the inspiration.  At right, the result.  Corbin, we understand.  I’ve spent more on parts to make my own night riding lights than I have on real lights over the years, and the results are always less than stellar, and usually pretty ugly (and melty).

Read his full story (with instructions!) on this project here.  If the Specialized Carbon Tandem is the Supersonic Divorce Machine, then this tandem unicycle is the Slow Road to Hell.

Found on Gizmodo by way of Bicycle Design.


corbin - 01/12/10 - 5:33pm

hehe… it’s actually the “Apple Computer” parking lot :)

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