Unicycle World Championships…With Video!

Unicon XV Unicycling World Championships artistic pairs

Photo: RoadCycling.co.nz

RoadCycling.co.nz has a full rundown of the Unicycle World Championships (UNICON 2010) being held in New Zealand this week…if you’re into that kind of thing.

Various events included sprints, long distance races, high jumps, street skills, basketball(!), downhill, and even artistic freestyle. At left is a photo of the Artistic Pairs event where David Maillard and Gilles Saudan from Switzerland wowed the crowd with a strip-tease. Nice sock garters. I’m beginning to think that unicyclists have all the fun…

Click ‘more’ for more some other great photos unicycle racing, and be sure to watch ’til the end of the vid for the guy racing on a unicycle with a 12 inch wheel…

Unicon XV Unicycling World Championships opening ceremonies new zealand

The opening ceremonies. Over 700 participants!

Unicon XV Unicycling World Championships kids race event

The start of the kids’ race.

Unicon XV Unicycling World Championships womens track where the japanese women dominated in new zealand

The Japanese women dominated all the track events. Is it me, or do they all look like they have to pee? I’d race faster too…

All photos from RoadCycling.co.nz.


bk - 01/06/10 - 2:47pm

Unicycles are like fat chicks…they’re cool to ride until your friends find out.

Cor - 01/06/10 - 7:05pm

Is it just me or do the “women” all look like they’re 12 years old?

Kristibee - 01/06/10 - 8:23pm

Cor, yes, they do. Maybe the “Women’s” races were for 18 yrs and up and they were mostly very young looking 18 year olds? I can’t judge age anymore the older I get!

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