2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show: Full Exhibitor List


Headed to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show next February?  Excited?  So are we, and it just keeps getting bigger and better.  Here’s the full list of exhibitors as of today:

Alchemy Bicycle Company
Baily Works, Inc
Bicycle Forest
Bilenky Cycle Works
Bishop Bikes
Black Cat Bicycles
Black Sheep Bikes
Bringheli Frames, Tools and Jigs
Brompton Bicycle Ltd
Highway Two
Caletti Cycles
Calfee Design
Cantitoe Road

Cherubim by Shin-ichi Konno
Cicli Pegoretti
Cicli Polito
Clockwork Bikes
Co-Motion Cycles, Inc
Coho Bicycles
Courage Bicycles
Crumpton Cycles
Cyfac International
Cysco Cycles
Dean Titanium Bikes
DeSalvo Custom Cycles
DiNucci Cycles
Dominguez Cycles
Don Walker Cycles
Ellis Cycles
Engin Cycles
Form Cycles
Groovy Cycle Works
Handle Bra
Hed Wheels
Henry James Bicycles
Igleheart Custom Frames
Industry Nine
Independent Fabrication
Kelly Bedford Customs
Kent Eriksen Cycles
Chris King Precision Components
Kirk Frameworks Company
Kish Fabrication
Llewellyn Custom Bicycles
Mosaic Cycles
National Insurance Professionals Corp
Nova Cycle Supply
Palermo Bicycles
Paragon Machine Works
Paul Component Engineering
Peacock Groove Bicycles
Peter Mooney Cycles/Wheelworks
Poka Cycle Accessories
Quiring Cycles
Retrotec/Inglis Cycles
Reynolds Technology
Rich Adams Custom Fabrication
RR Velo
Richard Sachs Cycles
Screen Specialties
Shamrock Cycles
Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel
Signal Cycles
Sputnik Tool
Stellina Sport
Strong Frames, Inc
Sycip Design
L.H. Thomson
Twin Six, LLC
The Vanilla Workshop
Velocity USA
Velo Colour
Villin Cycle Works
Vittorio Fietsen
White Brothers Suspension
White Industries
Wyganowski Frames
Yipsan Bicycles
Zullo Tiziano


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