Chris Boardman Bikes Debuts HD 3-D “Commute” Bicycle Video on YouTube

Taking advantage of the recent flurry of interest in 3D in the UK, Boardman Bikes debuts what it believes to be the first 3-D YouTube video.  Dubbed Commute, it’s also available in normal 2-D (shown after the break) in HD.

It comes up as shown above designed for the red/blue 3D glasses, but YouTube has a conversion for other types of 3D glasses, just click on the video to watch on their site and a pop-up will ask if you want to change the settings.  If you don’t have glasses yet, just bookmark and come back to it, or use that clever little email button below and email it to yourself to save for later.  Brilliant!

Hit ‘more’ to watch the 2D version…


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