$30 Bicio iPhone Mount for Bicycle Handlebar, Stem


Bicio recently launched their $30 iPhone mount for the bike called the GoRide.

It uses a case for the phone (that can be left on as a protective case) that mounts into a bracket that’s zip-tied to your handlebar, stem or frame.  It’s designed to hold it securely and within easy viewing and reach, and the design is open so that you can easily control the phone.

At $29.95 USD MSRP, it’s the least expensive mount we’ve seen that’s made specifically for bicycles, and you can get additional brackets for $9.99 so you can easily swap between two or more bikes.

(NOTE: if you look closely at the photo above, yes there are some things that look a little screwy…it’s just bad silouhetting of the image, not some crazy new 3T stem or fork…or wireless brake, for that matter)

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Omar - 04/11/10 - 7:09am

This bike mount ejected my iPhone off a carbon road bike on a rough patch of city street. You can see the clip on the top just barely makes it around the iPhone and I believe this is the weak spot that allowed the iPhone to go flying. I like the low profile design and swapable nature but if you do buy one of these before they do a mod then I would advise an additional strap to make sure you don’t lose your cargo.

Also, feedback to company has so far gone unanswered.

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