New Nalini Cycling Clothing – Recycle, Rip and Just Add Vitamins


INTERBIKE 2009Nalini introduced a few new items with some snazzy tech features, like the new Protega line that infuses vitamins into your skin while you ride!

Nalini’s new 2010 Protega line of clothing includes the Oliva Jersey (above) and Bibs (after the break).  They incorporate a special treatment based on “basket-molecules nanotechnology” and are treated with nano-particles that can absorb substances then release them in a predetermined time period.  Nalini provides vitamin packets that you put in your wash with the garment, and the vitamins are absorbed into the nano-particles.  Then, when you wear it, they’re released into your skin.

They also have some sweet new jerseys made from recycled materials, and the Mango jacket with sleeves you grip ‘n’ rip to remove while riding.

Infuse that and more into your brain, right after the break…


Nalini claims the Protega vitamin-infusion system provides improved sports performance, better comfort, better muscle tonicity (their word) and lower need to drink.  Greenies never fear, the treatment is eco-friendly and based on starch-derived oligosaccharides and the vitamins are commonly used nutrients.  Here’s a diagram:




The Mango jacket above has “quick release” sleeves. The zippers have a special non-locking section that you grip and rip to instantly undo the zips and remove the sleeves while riding (but you do have to stop to zip them back up). MSRP is $250. Click the images below to enlarge for detail on the zip mech.

nalini-mango-jacket-interbike09-02 nalini-mango-jacket-interbike09-01



New for 2010 are Nalini’s 100% recycled jerseys and shorts.  The new material actually cuts production costs by 20%, and these jersey’s come in at $97 and the shorts at $95.




The CREN Ladies bike shorts feature a lower waist, special high-moisture transfer wicking material, UV protection and a seamless leg hem.  MSRP is $130.

Behind them is the Citello.  It’s a totally weatherproof cycling jacket with internally thermo-sealed seams.

In the U.S., check out importer Albabici for more info or to order for your shop.


[…] the fabric, you simply put a packet of their vitamin mix into the wash with the garment.  (Check this post for more tech/graphics on the vitamin infusion […]

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