1937 Bicycling Video from Copenhagen

Found this in a round-a-bout way following a story about 10 ways to become a cycling activist.  It’s a classic James A. Fitzpatrick Traveltalks: The Voice of the Globe movie about bicycle traffic in Copenhagen.  Quite interesting given how old it is, and has some history on the city as well as the bicycle culture, as well as some socialist commentary.  If you’re interested in that whole activism thing, here’s the breadcrumb trail…

Urban Simplicity –> Planet Green –> Slow Bicycle Movement


Daniel - 11/19/09 - 3:18pm

Love it. It almost doesn’t appear to be 1937.

[…] is no stranger cyclists. We recently posted this Video from 1937 showing some of the history of Copenhagen’s affinity for the bike. In the video above from […]

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