Ladies of DFL Outlaw Urban Cyclocross Calendar


FROM BICIGIRL: DFL just celebrated 15 yrs of Outlaw Urban cyclo-cross series in San Francisco and as a way to commemorate the ladies DFL decided to create a Calendar for the upcoming year.

The calendar has been a success and there’s talk to follow up next year with the Best Theme or men cross dressed. It should be loads of fun and look forward to shooting it in the next few months. Men who want to participate should come up with ideas. Shooting dates will be posted on flicker in Feb or so.

The Calendar was Photographed by Me (Pamela Palma), Photo Assisted by Lynsey Hawkins, Designed by Diana Nankin and Make-up Hair was done by Racine Christensen.

Limited Calendars are available for $20, email Pamela if you want one.  Hit ‘more’ to see a few excerpts…





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